Hi, I’m Rob Charles,
Getting the right marketing campaign for your business is tough…
The good news is radio is one of the most effective ways of advertising!
But why use radio?
  •  90% of UK residents listen to radio every week
  •  Provides an emotional connection and a call-to-action
  •  You speak directly to the listeners you want to reach
  •  Your advert connects 1-to-1 with the listener
  •  People hear your advert numerous times
  •  Research shows people trust radio more than the internet, newspapers or social media
Our experienced sales team can take you step-by-step to get the most suitable campaign for your business.  Whether it’s an advert, show sponsorship or social/event sponsorship, we have a solution to meet your needs.
We use an award winning production house for our adverts and you could be on air for a lot less than you might think – so get in touch today and see how we can help raise brand awareness, and increase customers.